Mikel is a dedicated leader who is passionate about creating professional artistic installations and bringing your concepts to life. Specialising in Physical theatre and the devising process. Mikel has a range of techniques for approaching different theatre styles and working with performers from different backgrounds.


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King Lear: How it really went down


A one man show retelling the classic Shakespearian tale of King Lear but from his Fools perspective. Adapted by George Isherwood this is New Zealand's version directed by Debra Mulholland. Join 'Earless the Fearless' as he takes you on a journey using physical theatre to embody all the characters that are integral to the story. Watch this tragedy become tragically comedic, a show for all ages. Available to book now.



This project combined my love for  pushing boundaries and my passion for coaching. I make sure each project I take on is beneficial for all who are involved. For this project, I wanted to explore social themes in a way that was compelling for all ages. I’m happy to say audiences were moved in unexpected ways and the animalistic movement made for a compelling and dynamic visual story. This was a truly unique and fresh take on a well known classic novel. Please get in touch to learn more about this unique project.


2016 - Present

I approach all projects from three perspectives. 1.The Audience: What is going to be compelling and moving. 2. The Client: Wants the intended outcome of this project. 3. The Performer: Whats the journey going to look like for the performer to reach our desired destination. Fortunately I have experience on all three sides and have been honing my own skills as a performer for years. This is reflected in my mime persona 'Kidd the Klown' who entertains the kid in everyone.



I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Jonathan Smith of Eventimento. This project was a true example of collaboration from directing and choreo to cast and crew management Jonathan and myself did it all. This show pushed boundaries for our audience and our cast as a truly one of a kind show.

"Mikel is a fantastic physical theatre performer to work with both on and off the stage. Our audiences loved his work! He’s professional, punctual, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Five gold stars from me!"

-Chris Lam Sam




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