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Imagine that you must choose one single memory from your life.
Imagine that choosing this memory is your only way of passing through to eternity.
Imagine that you have just one hour to choose...

Performed as part of NZ Theatre Fest 2022, produced by Napier Repertory Players and directed by Jonathan Smith NZMN. Mikel plays the role of Ketu.

'The Thrill of Love'

Although I was only in New Plymouth for a short time, I am so glad I got to be part of bringing Ruth Ellis’s story to the stage for a New Zealand debut of “The Thrill of Love”. The cast and crew have put in a tremendous amount of work to put together this piece of art during such a turbulent time. “The Thrill of Love” retells the story of Ruth Ellis, the last women in Britain to be hung, embracing the 1950 period of the play this film noir inspired interpretation has been a thrilling experience for audiences.

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2020 - Present
'King Lear: How it really went down'

A one man show retelling the classic Shakespearian tale of King Lear but from his Fools perspective. Adapted by George Isherwood this is New Zealand's version directed by Debra Mulholland. Join 'Earless the Fearless' as he takes you on a journey using physical theatre to embody all the characters that are integral to the story. Watch this tragedy become tragically comedic, challenging the definition of 'actor' with fourth wall breaks and numerous character impersonations. Available to book now.

'Animal Farm'

This project combined my love for  pushing boundaries and my passion for coaching. I make sure each project I take on is beneficial for all who are involved. For this project, I wanted to explore social themes in a way that was compelling for all ages. I’m happy to say audiences were moved in unexpected ways and the animalistic movement made for a compelling and dynamic visual story. This was a truly unique and fresh take on a well known classic novel. A perfect example of what can be achieved when a director is gifted with a great script, strong cast and creative freedom.

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Come see A Night In Vegas a great cabaret directed by the wonderful Corrine Bowey with an
2016 - Present
'Kidd the Klown'

Kidd the Klown was born amongst a Vegas cabaret as a naughty child who can get away with almost anything. A clown for adults, Kidd uses mime, acrobatics and curiosity to keep an audience entertained. Surprisingly he plays well with others and yet can hold his own on stage with just his body and a suitcase full of surprises!