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Collaborative Company

Focuses on developing team work

and collaboration.


Through a series of guided exercises Mikel facilitates the group to develop:




-Mental Flexibility/Compromise

-Collective focus

For groups of approximately 10-20

Great for creative or corporate groups.

2 hr

Devising Intensive

Focuses on devising through movement and collaboration.


An intensive workshop that guides a group through the devising process to create a collective piece.

-Idea sharing

-Decision making

-Commitment to collaboration

For groups up to 10

Takes 6 hrs +

Character Exploration

Focuses on expanding actors repertoire of characters through physical exploration.


This workshops builds and/or reinforces character creation fundamentals by:

- Finding actors neutral

- Movement in isolation

- Finding character neutral

For groups of any size

Pairs well with "Zoo of characters"

1 hr

Zoo of Characters

Focuses on animalistic movement for performance.

Mikel will explore both ends of the spectrum:

- Using animals to explore humanoid physicality

- Developing accurate animal movement

For groups of any size

"Character Exploration" + 30min

Stand alone 1 hour

Beginner Mime

Focuses on the basic skills for mime in performance. 

Through a series of fun games and exercises Mikel will teach core mime skills:

- Muscle isolation

-Science of Mime

-Creating imaginary worlds

- Silent storytelling

For groups less than 20

Approx. 1.5hrs

Character Development

Depending on the project; Mikel will work one on one with an actor or with a whole cast.

This service is flexible to the project and actors needs:

-Single or multiple sessions

- Activities relevant to the character

- Development for all actor skill levels

Enquire to discuss your individual needs

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